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Unless you put sperm on your pillow (and most likely even if you do), it would be impossible to become pregnant from your pillow alone.

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Q: Can you get pregnant from a pillow?
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Can you hump a pillow and get pregnant?

NO! you can only get pregnant if a egg gets fertalized by a sperm.

If you make out with your pillow can you get pregnant?


Can you get pregnant without sperm Like if you humped a pillow or something Well Um it was a dare and i humped it but now i feel like im pregnant?

Why in the world would somebody become pregnant to a pillow? No, you can't become pregnant to a pillow.

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Can you get pregnant by humping a pillow on your period?

no because the man egg have to reach her eggs

Can you get pregnant if you hump a pillow while on your period?

No didn't you learn anything in school .... you kinda need a guy, you know sperm, to make babies not the stuffing of a pillow....

What is pregnancy pillow?

A pregnancy pillow is a body pillow designed for expectant mothers to make it a little more comfortable to sleep. As the baby grows, the moms belly swells to adjust. In later months of a pregnancy, this gets quite uncomfortable as the mattress could put pressure on the belly.

Can a 11 year old girl get pregnant by humping a pillow?

I doubt this is a serious question, but the answer is no. Male sperm must enter her body and she must have begun having her period (menstruating) to get pregnant.

How do you make a fake pregnant belly?

To make a fake pregnant belly you need : 1 pillow cover Stuffing or blanket Sellotape or pins Jacket Vest or tank top First you take your pillow cover and put the stuffing or blanket inside. Then you put each corner of the pillow case into the back of the pillow. After that you either pin the corners or Sellotape them down. Finally you should have an egg shaped belly.To make it look real put on a vest or tank top and make it into the shape you want then put on the jacket. You the have a 8 - 9 month bump

Pregnant need doctor exam having period?

If you're pregnant, you should always see a doctor for prenatal care. But if you're pregnant and bleeding you should definitely see a doctor.

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What is a pillow bear?

A Pillow Pett