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No because if the boyfriend s_ucks their nipple the boyfriend gets the milk.

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2020-04-28 23:58:07
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Q: Will girls get milk if there boyfriend sucks there nipple?
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When milk should come from girls nipple?

Only after a baby is born.

Are long nipples from breastfeeding normal?

Yes, this is normal. The nipple stretches as the baby sucks it towards the back of his/her mouth to draw the milk from the breast. The nipple will soon return to its normal shape.

How does a girls nipple produce milk?

A woman's nipple is able to produce milk because it has many little holes that are connected to milk glands in the breast (they are actually somewhat analogous to sweat glands). Tiny muscles contract when stimulated (typically by a sucking sensation on the nipple), and thus squeeze the milk from the glands.

What will happen if a man sucks on a woman's breast?

The usual response is erection of the nipple and heightened sexual arousal. If the recipient of the attention is a lactating woman, milk will be secreted.

How does the nipple feed?

The nipple feeds by providing mother's milk for the infants. The milk is produced within the glands of the breast and come through the tip of the nipple.

Can you get hiv from sucking on a girls tit?

No, you cannot get any STDs from sucking on a person's nipple. However, you can get STD's through breast milk.

Does milk come out if a guy sucks a girls breast?

Yes. This can happen but not all the time. It depends on the age of the woman/girl.

Does milk come out if guy sucks a girls breast and she is unmarried 24 years old if no why this happend?

Your probably prego or have been prego

Does breast milk come out of a nipple?


Why is there a little dent in the center of your nipple?

There's a dent at the center of the nipple where milk comes out if needed.

Can you get aids by sucking woman's nipple?

It would not be likely unless you drank milk or seepage from the nipple.

Why do you have bumps around your nipple?

They are called milk glands(bumps) prepares baby's milk

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