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because they are afraid of rejection... they also might be afraid of what there friends might think... dont worry... if he really does like you then everything will work out

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Q: Why would someone lie about liking you?
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How do you lie about not liking someone?

just say u dont like them

Do boys lie about liking you?

Yes, it is in a boys nature to lie about it

What does it mean if a guy asks you about sum1 else?

either he would be liking someone who is your friend or may u would be liking him and he would have known this and he wanted to know that u are jealous of him asking about someone other

How does it feel to be lied to?

It makes you feel foolish (if you believed the lie), mad (that someone would even lie to you) or happy (that someone would lie to you to not hurt your feelings). It depends on the situation.

Why does your friend Lie to you about people liking you?

your friend lie to you because he/she lie to make you look embarrassed so your friend will be more popular than you..

Is liking someone cheating?

If you're in a relationship yes , if you have a bf/gf why should you be liking someone else ?

What is a song about you liking a guy but he treats you like crap?

i like the way you lie by Rhianna Correction Love the way you lie by Eminem

What is liking someone more than the other?

most the time that means liking someone more than they like you back

How do you deal with being teased about liking someone?

You just accuse them of liking someone and then say you'll spread a rumor about them. Then they will stop.

Songs about liking someone who likes you back or about taking it slow with that person or about liking someone your parents don't fairly recent songs please?

"Bound to You" by Christina Aguilera is an example of a song about liking someone who likes you back. "Melt My Heart to Stone" by Adele is an example of a song about liking someone who likes you back.

Why would you lie and say that someone is ill?

To cover up for their mistake?

Why would someone lie and say they are physic?

more than likely