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becouse it is prepared by bases and melt at bodt temp

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Q: Why suppository is a semisolid dosage form?
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Does Prednisone come in a suppository?

Yes it does. Called Rectodelt in Germany, and other European counrties. Dosage is 100 mg per supp.

Are juices a forms of fluids?

Yes. Almost all them are form of fluid or semisolid.

How is demulcent suitable in a dosage form?

How is demulcent suitable in a dosage form?

What is gelatin pectic?

Pectin and gelatin are substances that can thicken liquids to form a semisolid gel.

What is difference between Rheocasting and Thixocasting?

rheocasting is the process of making semisolid microstructure billet directly form liquid metal with the help of stirrer while thixocasting is the process of making billet by reheating the semisolid microstructure billet and once it reached to semisolid state then forge it in die to get the required billet

Are there suppositories for babies?

Yes, often times when a baby is constipated, the health provider will advise you to insert an anal suppository to help relieve the constipation. In the case of newborns, the suppository is usually broken in half before insertion. Most suppositories safe for babies include glycerin.

Can you take Vicodin in the rectum?

Unless you have it in suppository form (designed to be taken rectally) you cannot use pill formed Paracetamol (Acetaminophen/Tylenol) rectally.

What is ComPro?

It's the Brand name for the Generic name Prochlorperazine, a chemotherapy drug in the form of a suppository.

What is the dosage form of doxorubicin?


Define dosage form?

Dosage form can be defined as the way a medicine is dispensed. Some examples would be like liquid, tablets, and injections.

What is a troche?

"Troche" is a solid dosage form.

What is the difference between a pessary and a suppository?

Dosage form characteristics:a. Rectal suppositories for adults weigh 2 gm and are torpedo shape. Children's suppositories weigh about 1 gm.b. Vaginal suppositories or Pessaries weigh about 3-5gm and are molded in globular or oviform shapeor compressed on a tablet press into conical shapes.