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"Although rectal measurement most accurately reflects core body temperature, the theoretical risk of bacterial translocation during the procedure of inserting the thermometer into the anus (particularly in the child with mucositis) is a contraindication, and therefore oral or axillary measurements are recommended."


"Fever and neutropenia in pediatric patients with cancer." Emerg Med Clin North Am. 2009 Aug;27(3):525-44.

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Q: Why should you not take a rectal temperature on child with neutropenia?
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What is the best way to take temperature on a newborn?

digital thermometer is the best way to take temperature of newbornaxillary temperature taking has advantage over rectal(rectal temperature taking is contraindication in infant less than one month or premature)oral temperature(oral temperature is contraindicated for child less than 2 year old) and tympanic tempereture(tympanic temperature is contraindicated in draining ear or premature infant of small ear canal).

What tempurture is a fever?

Any body temperature above the normal oral temperature of 98.6F(37C) or the normal rectal temperature of 99F (37.2C) is considered to be fever. You should go to the doctors, especially if its a baby or young child.

How can low neutrophils be treated?

Your pediatrician would best be able to tell you treatments for neutropenia in children but in many cases, the white blood cells will regenerate themselves with time if the neutrophil count has gone down because of an illness such as the flu. If treatment is necessary, how severe the neutropenia is will determine the course of action in regards to treatment. The doctor may prescribe injections of a neutrophil growth factor or if the neutropenia is severe enough, your child may have to have injections of granulocyte colony stimulating factors (G-CSF's). This is generally only prescribed for severe chronic neutropenia. If the neutropenia is caused by illness such as leukemia, a bone marrow transplant is often the best treatment.

When is a child's body temperature dangerous?

you should be concerned when its about 104

How high is to high for a temperature for your child?

If your child has 103 degrees temperature , then you as well as your doctor should be worried , as it may affect the brain if it goes higher.

Should a child go to school with a temperature of 101.8?

No. The child is running a fever. If it stays that high or goes higher, a doctor should be consulted.

Should you worry if your child's temperature goes from 102 to 97.3?

no because the temperature is going down. Its recovering from a fever

Why should a mother use her lips to see her child's temperature?

That is not an accurate way to measure a child's temperature. The best way is by either a traditional thermometer, or an electronic ear temperature reader. There are also temperature strips that can be applied to the forehead, but these are less reliable.

What is a child average temperature?

A child's temperature as well as anyone elses should always be 98.6. Some people run hot or cold and it can be plus or minus a degree and be perfectly healthy. If their temp gets above 100 degrees you should definitely get them checked out.

What is a normal body temperature for a four year old?

It is very rare for a child to have too low a temperature (unless you just pulled her out of a frozen lake). Most temperature readings for healthy people (including kids) show up below that familiar 98.6F. This is a pretty common question in pediatric urgent care.

How high does the temperature have to be to not be at school?

If a child even has a slight fever of 99 degrees, they should not go to school. If a child has a fever, they are contagious and should not be around other children to spread whatever it is they have.

Is a temperature of 100.7 normal for a 3 year old?

Is 102 temp normal for a one year old child?