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Q: What is a high temperature for a child?
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Is 102 Fahrenheit a high temperature for a child?

A temperature of 102 is considered high for a child. One may seek medical attention on behalf of the child with such temperature.

What is wrong if child's only symptom is a high temperature?

If a child's only symptom is a high temperature, it means you have not been looking in the right place for the cause of the high temperature.

What is constituted as a high temperature in a child?

A high temperature in a child is constituted to be above 99.5F (37.5C) on the skin of the underarm of the child. You can also measure the temperature by placing the thermometer in the child's mouth, but it is likely that the child will bite it.

How high is too high of a temperature for a child?

102 degrees is too hot for a child

When is a child's temperature too high?

when the temperature is too high for a child, it can affect their brain as it goes higher. sorry can't help anymore.

How high is to high for a temperature for your child?

If your child has 103 degrees temperature , then you as well as your doctor should be worried , as it may affect the brain if it goes higher.

Is 104 a high temperature for a child of 4?

Extremely high! Take her to emergency ASAP!

Is temperature of 103.8 for child to high?

A temperature of 103.8 is dangerous for a child. Take the child to an urgent care facility or the emergency room or the child's pediatrician or general practitioner doctor if the child can get in to the doctor today. This high temperature can harm the child's hearing or other body parts. Do not delay in getting treatment and proper diagnosis. Do not administer aspirin to a child. It can cause Reyes Syndrome.

Is 38.3 C a high temperature for a adult?

whats the highest teperature for a child

What causes smelly burps and high temperature in children?

Possibly a throat infection.. smelly breath and a high temperature generally means you should think about taking your child to your gp.

Is a body temperature of 101.5 too high for a 6 year old child?

the question is wrong...

What is considered a high fever for a child?

A high fever in a child is usually around 101-103 after that they should deffinetly see a doctor. -- A body temperature of 38.5 degree Celsius and above is considered a high fever.

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