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repetition can quickly become stale

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To achieve naturalness actors must avoid the overuse of tricks and gimmicks?


Which are the main mental skills of great poets?

Great poets are invariably great writers and thinkers. They must have a strong sense of pacing, tone, and atmosphere. They must be able to engross the reader in a few short lines.

What is a sentence for poets?

The poets may dream, but we must act- and act quickly! I'd like to know where all of the great poets are when we really need one!

Why does Patrick Henry repeat Mr President in his speech?

Repetition simply means repeating the same words over again. An example of repetition in Patrick Henry's speech to the Virginia Convention is the quote, "...we must fight! I repeat it, sir, we must fight!"

What effects does perfume have on puberty?

It doesnt have a direct effect on puberty. But bare in mind that overuse of anything is not good. alcoholic perfumes must be avoided.

What are some characteristics for alliteration?

Alliteration should have repetition of sounds that suits the subject and must be logically appealing to the reader.

Which effect must slam poets focus on more than other poets?

How rhythm affects the feeling of the lines

Medicare Limits of Home Health Care Visits?

must be home bound, under a doctors care and there must be a need for skilled care intermittent

Example of a paragraph develop by elimination?

To develop a paragraph by elimination, it must first go through several phases. A paragraph must first be tested for analogy, classification, rationalization, and repetition.

What 3-letter codes can you make using the letters A-J-L-W?

If repetition is allowed the formula would be 4x4x4 = 64 codes. If you must chose a different letter each time (no repetition) the formula would be 4x3x2 = 24 codes.

Why must you care for people?

There is no requirement that one person must care for another. However, humans are caring creatures, meaning that it is in our nature to care about the well-being of others.

How many hours do poets work week?

In general terms, poets both professional and amateur cannot be confined in respect to the hours that they work each week. Numerous factors establish the hours that poets can or must put into their writing, such as their skill-level, their financial situation, the seriousness of the work in question, or their family- or life-responsibilities -- and these factors will differ from poet to poet, often dramatically.