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Q: To achieve naturalness actors must avoid the overuse of tricks and gimmicks?
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The cast of No Gimmicks - 2009 includes: Logan Begonia Myriah Begonia Darryck Dwelle Leslie McIntosh

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The idea that the environment itself can and should be governed by political actors, usually to achieve specific ends (e.g.) environmental preservation; sustainable development).

Who would tell Dylan Sprouse he needs to get a life?

Dylan Sprouse does not need to get a life. Both him and his brother Cole are excellent actors and work very hard to achieve their goals. But most importantly, they are both very kind and not stuck up in the way some young actors are.

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Why does advertising try to stereotype people so they begin to look the same?

* It's called 'fads' and advertising companies know where to aim their products at. They use popular actors, etc., to advertise makeup, clothing lines, etc., to get the younger generation to copy cat and that means money for the companies selling the product. I agree, that the young people are beginning to look more and more alike (cookie cutting is the term) and some people have forgotten how to be an individual and not fall for all the advertising gimmicks. Fads have been in every generation and they are here to stay.

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Who do actors work with?

actors work with other actors directers and producers