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You've obviously have NOT been leading a healthy lifestyle....

there are also other factors like heredity and some environmental factors like living in the mountains at high altitudes, or pollution, the latter is unlikely though.

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Q: Why might a person who lead a healthy lifestyle develope a lifestyle disease?
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What causes an unhealthy lifestyle?

The person's life choices. A healthy lifestyle is one where the person exercises, does not take drugs and eats a balanced diet. If a person chooses to do otherwise then their lifestyle is not healthy.

What type of lifestyle will Mediterranean be?

Mediterranean is a healthy lifestyle. This is diet that will help a person loss weight.

How can you say that a person has a healthy lifestyle?

i can say that a person has a healthy lifestyle if he/she eats food that has a lot of nutritional value and decrease the consumption of eating junkfoods.doing exercise daily and having a good personal hygiene are the essentials is wealth.having a healthy lifestyle is living a healthy life..i hope i help=)

Example of a suggestion you would give to an older person to promote a healthy lifestyle practice?

Give an example of a suggestions you could give to an older person that would promote a healthy lifestyle practice

A person who is free from disease?

They are called Healthy.

Can a person with a mental illness be capable of living an emotionally healthy lifestyle?


Who the person that develope softwere?

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Is a stroke a lifestyle disease?

Stroke is associated with high blood pressure. High blood pressure is associated with sedentary life style. So stroke, then, is associated with sedentary life style. Strokes can be prevented by living a generally heart-healthy life, and keeping the heart healthy is a lifestyle in itself, especially as a person ages.

What is the practices a person can adopt to promote a healthy lifestyle lif?

by not having any sex.