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they can commit in a relationship, they can be in a relationship with a girl they like and not want to commit to that girl because she hasn't swept him off his feet. He will tell her he doesn't want to be in a serious relationship and the girl will probably get upset and they will go their separate ways most likely. a few weeks later the guy finds a new girl and she totally blows him away and before you know it they are in a committed relationship. that's how that works... in a lot of cases

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Testosterone and penisidis

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Q: Why men cannot commit in a relationship?
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Why are some married men thinks that having an affair is not messy?

Because they (the cheating man),have no soul or cannot commit to one women.

Why do men try to make woman jealous with other woman when they can not commit to you.?

Men try to make a woman jealous because there just being men. There is a time in your life where they will just try and make you jealous even though they cannot commit to you. When its women and we flirt with other men and try to make the men jealous the men get all angry and go crazy. I guess they think they can get away with it.

Why are some men afraid to commit?

A lot of men believe that committing to a monogamous relationship means that they will be tied down, restricting themselves from participating in activities with other friends and therefore feel that their freedoms will be minimized.

What is gaytheism?

Gaytheism is the act where 2 men or 2 women commit the acts of what one man and one women should do. that is to have sex. this is morally wrong, because 2 men cannot produce babbies, and 2 women cannot produce babbies, so it is wrong.

What is my relationship to spouse's adult daughter from a previous relationship?

What ever relation you commit yourself to is the relation

Can a man be physically attracted to a woman for sex but not enough physically attracted to her for a relationship?

Men are easily physically attracted to women its the way they are designed its hader for them to commit to a person then to a sex act.

What is to nourish a communion?

to commit time and work into relationship with Jesus

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Do men commit murders in Thailand?

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Who breaks ups a relationship more a boy or a girl?

Boys to men are more apt to break up with a girl because some are not willing to commit to a relationship or, if young they do not want to be tied down so they cannot date other young women. However, young girls to women are now beginning to see the light and in the new generation are more apt to break up with a boyfriend than generations before.

Do single men commit most violent crime?


Do women commit less crime than men?

No, Women commit the same amount of crime as men, they just don't do the bad ones like rape and 2nd Degree Murder.