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Men try to make a woman jealous because there just being men. There is a time in your life where they will just try and make you jealous even though they cannot commit to you. When its women and we flirt with other men and try to make the men jealous the men get all angry and go crazy. I guess they think they can get away with it.

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Q: Why do men try to make woman jealous with other woman when they can not commit to you.?
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How do you make a Cancerian woman jealous?

By flirting with other people.

Why do men reveal relationship with another woman?

they do that because they want to make the other women jealous

Your ex is seeing a woman in the same stree as you why?

trying to make someone jealous

How do you make a sweet guy jealous?

It is a foolish woman who deliberately wants to make a sweet man jealous. Just because he is easy going and kind to you is no reason to push his buttons to try and make him jealous. He loves you and that's all any woman should need. It's a worthless act and a waste of his energy.

If a guy likes you then why would he get with another girl to make you jealous?

You answered it yourself. He got with the other girl to make you jealous. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Do guys make fun of another guys legs because they are jealous?

Guys may make fun of other guy's legs because they are jealous.

How do you make a sentence with the word jealous?

Often, siblings are jealous of each other, because a parent appears to show more attention to one and not the other.

How do you make your ex jealous jealous?

okay well the best way to make your ex jealous is by flirting with other guys...BOYS HE IS NOT FOND OF............ always look your best and act really happy around other guys

What does it mean when the woman you are dating describes other men she sees as hot when she is with you?

Your life is not worth living no more. Answer She's either trying to make you jealous or she doesn't care enough about to you to be respectful.

How do you ignore your crush and make him jealous?

Be hard and hang out with other boys