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Because that first sliding-off of a shoe is the first discreet act of intimacy.

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Q: Why men are attracted to women feet?
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Are straight women attracted to lesbians?

No. By definition, straight women are only attracted to men.

Why are english men attracted to polish women?

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same reason men have penises and women dont, men are attracted to boobs, women are attracted to penises.

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Because women are attracted by men and, man & women can be a good couple that's why men offer women.

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What is the difference in coming out information between gay men and gay women?

Gay men are men who are attracted to men, and Lesbians are women who are attracted to women, they both like people of their same gender, but they are different genders from each other.

Why mens are attracted towards women?

You just are you can be attracted to anyone men,women even no one at all lol

Are women attracted to men who enjoy watching cartoons everyday during their spare time?

Not all Women will be attracted.

What causes a man to be attracted to square jawed women?

What causes a man to be attracted to a square jaw woman is simply personal taste. Men have different things they are attracted to and some men find women with a square jaw appealing. It's no different than men who are attracted to women with certain hair or eye colors.

You love women you fantasize about women like mad but you can climax over men are you gay?

You are only gay if you are sexually attracted to members of the same gender. If you are sexually attracted to both men and women, you are bisexual.

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