Why is the mouth so important?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: Why is the mouth so important?
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What is important about your mouth?

because you can taste with your mouth

What is the most important part of a pandas body?

It is the mouth so they can chew bamboo all day! :]

Why breathing mouth to mouth CPR very important?

becase if you did not give mouth to mouth they would die

Why is mouth important?

Mainly to eat, but there are many other functions of a mouth and why you need it.

What was the most important thing Samuel De Champlain's voyage?

His most important voage was to the mouth of the Sustancin river. He voyaged to the mouth of the river .

How is the circulatory system important to the digestive system?

the digestive system begins in the mouth ,so if the blood is not flowing how can the food digest if there is no ooxygen in the blood

Why does Mouth to mouth resuscitation?

the air from your mouth pushes into the other persons so that they breath

What is important in breathing nose or mouth?

Definitely nose

Why do you do mouth to mouth?

you have to dod mouth to mouth so that if a person is not breathing then you pass air through your mouth to the other person's lungs to keep them ALIVE

Do policy and procedures need to be written?

Yes, policies and important procedures should be written so they are not forgotten or distorted by being passed by word of mouth.

How does one throw up on demand?

you stick your finger into your mouth so it goes to the back of your mouth then you will throw up you stick your finger into your mouth so it goes to the back of your mouth then you will throw up

Why is Steven Tylers mouth so big?

It was something he was born with there is no specific reason why his mouth is that way.