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If you are worried about your period then please go visit a doctor. A doctor will be able to help you much more than anyone here.

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Q: Why is my period as long as up to 3 weeks long and still going?
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How long does it take to get your period after going off the pill for a week?

That differs for everyone and depends on where you were in the pill cycle when you stopped for a week. If you don't get a period within four weeks, have a pregnancy test.

How long is the gestation period for a springbok?

The gestation period of the Springbok is 24 weeks.

How long is the gestation period for a parrot?

2 weeks

How long are chiwawas on there period for?

for about 3 weeks stupid

How long is the gestation period of a barracuda?

The gestation period of a barracuda is 10 - 12 weeks.

Having a sudden period for weeks?

its bad to have your period for that long cuz you lose blood and symptoms are headaches,dizziness,strokes,heart attacks an d much more you could even turn anamec trust meive been there and i keep- on getting alot of headaches and like rite now ive been on it for three and a half weeks already and its still going do i went to the doctor and you should to.

How long do you have your period after you give birth?

I think six weeks

How long is the incubation period for toxoplasmosis?

4 - 8 weeks

If measured in weeks how long is the normal gestation period?


How long does it take to get your period after having a baby?

Unless you are nursing your period will return in six weeks.

Is it normal to have your period for 2 weeks?

That is a very long period. You need to go and see the doctor.

Can you be anorexic and still have a period?

yes they can still have a period, but not for long, if the anorexia goes untreated.