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no comprendo.

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Q: Why is my crush has a crush on me too?
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Does Raven Fitzgerald have a crush on Dylan Kelly?

Yes she does she has a HUGE crush on him but hopes he likes her too!

Who has a crush on me?

No one can know for sure who has a crush on you, but hopefully it is someone you like too.

What does it mean if your crush keep saying your name almost after every sentence?

Maybe he had a crush on you too! ;)

Who your celebrity Crush?

I have a crush that's way too big on you Matt LeBlanc

Why is your crush always passing by you?

that person is too shy

Why you have an ugly crush?

because your ugly too maybe

What does it mean when your crush copies your homework?

It means your crush is using you, because they are too darned lazy to do their own work.

I crush because there is nothing other to do?

oh, ok in that case, i crush on you too. heres my declaration of love: I LOVE YOU

What means if your crush doesn't talk to you?

Maybe your crush doesn't know what to say to you, because he/she might be too nervous

When is a gift to expensive for a crush?

when its taking you too much work to get it .

Who has a crush on kim nguyen?

Way too many people.

What if your classmate and crush fell to you but your too young for love?

Tell them that.