Why you have an ugly crush?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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because your ugly too maybe

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Q: Why you have an ugly crush?
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Is there way you could know if your crush likes you?

No your ugly.

What Jonas brother does Selena Gomez have a crush on?

Nick Jonas!!!! if she didnt then who would she have a crush on?any way Kevin is so ugly

What if your crush thinks you're ugly?

If they think you're ugly, there's two things that should be going through your mind. One, even though it may seem devastating, its just a crush. Two, if he thinks you're ugly and doesn't like you because of it, he's a shallow twit ^_^

Do boys can have a crush on any girl even a ugly girl?

It depends, so its may be an opinion.

What happens if your friend has a crush on your crush?

crush on him together but if she wants to ask him out then help her out insure her but be careful tell her that you and i have to be careful we both have to trust each other. TELL HER THATS MY MAN AND UR SO UGLY THAT YOU WILL NEVER GET HIM ANYWAY

How do you know if your crush likes you back quiz?

He will call u names and tell u ur ugly

If everyone says your pretty and one boy says your ugly what does that mean?

the dude has a crush on you dhuu.... gofor him girl.

What should you do if your crush thinks your ugly?

forget him Answer: Well if he cant see past your looks, then he's a jerk, and you could do better!

Does a cobra crush it's pray?

Nah but it crushes your mum because shes so fukien ugly just like your face

How do you know if you really like your crush?

imagine him not being popular,ugly,not rich,but he still has his personality like smart or funny or ....unique

Why does your shy mutual crush spy on her brother's ugly friend in addition to you?

She does this to learn more about boys and what they like .It's all to impress you !!

What does it mean when your shy mutual crush spies on one of her brother's ugly friends?

Maybe she is spying on him for one of her friends, to know for sure ask her yourself.