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Girlfreind fishingOk listen getting a girlfriend is going to take a while. believe me im a girl! Dont try to hard to impress her or she will get freaked out and run away just be smooth and layed back and impress her without trying. if u too have things in commen then she starts to gain your trust and after time of being good freinds................. a little chemestry will happen Chemistry:Having a girlfriend can be good and can be bad. I honestly don't understand why people are so eager to have a significant other, they ought to enjoy being single. The only and I mean ONLY exception is if you happen to run into The One.

Having a significant other can be a pain, especially if they do not respect you for who you are. If they are jealous people, then you might as well break it up while you're still ahead. My advice is to enjoy single life, because yes movies and peer pressure can make having a significant other look so nice, but in real life it's a lot of work. It's like the lottery: you lose most of the time, but when you actually do win, you win big.

Enjoy single life, because when all your friends are getting tied down by their significant other's, you'll still be able to go out with your friends and not have a "ball and chain" hooked to your ankle. A significant other will come along. They're like your car keys: you won't find them when you're looking, they'll pop up when you finally give up. it is wonderful in life to have a girlfriend to share a life together, and eventually get married if we happen to connect with one another. yes, it is very important to me because why should i be alone the rest of my life, and since i am a man that is straight, i would love to share my life with another woman. makes sense to me.

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Q: Why is it hard to get a girlfriend?
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