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depending how hard she likes, and what mood she is in

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Q: How hard should you spank your girlfriend?
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How hard should you spank kids?

I personally think that u should spank them hard enough to teach them their lesson. Don't do it too hard though, they might hate u. No they won't Im just kidding. But spank them hard enough to teach them their lesson. Want more facts about spanking? visit http/how-hard-should-you-spank-your-kids.aspx?

Should i spank my girlfriend?

If you and your girlfriend are both happy to do this AND she asks you to, then this would be OK. However if when you ask she says NO then it is NOT OK.

Should you spank your daughter for stealing money?

Yes you should spank her, just make sure on the butt. Do not spank her too hard though, just enough for her to remember not to do it again.

What is Spank's girlfriend's name?


Can the Fathers girlfriend spank the child?

NO. And if he does, call the police.

What to say to your girlfriend when your spanking her?

now well this is a hard one it is one that is quite controversila indeed what u must do to your girlfriend is considered quite kinky you must spank her and make her bleed out her anus then give her a pink sock

How do you go about spanking your girlfriend at her request without seeming like you do not know what you are doing?

It's not that hard to spank a girl, just take your open hand to her butt and go to town.

How do teacher punish bullies in canada?

spank them,hard;)

Should you spank your 7yr old for an F?

you can spank 7 years and under

Why does my boyfriend spank me?

well he might think you like it and are turned on by it. or he might be a dominate. or he might just want to punish you for something.

Should you spank her during sex?

if your partner wishes to have them spank then spank them all the way

How do make an Xbox Live headset stop making a high pitch noise?

lick the bottom of the potato, then u just have to spank it, spank it HARD