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most likey it just depends on what type of guy your talking about if it is like some trouble maker dude that has a lot of diffrent girls all the time and does drugs and hangs around the wrong crowd of people most likey he is just using you for sex he is being nice to you to get in your pants but not all guys are like that he mite be just being nice to you because he actually really really does like you alot and is hopeing you thank him for being nice to you and wants a long term relationship with you

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He is so attracted to you because you have something or a number of things that are included in the list of traits he wants for his ideal woman.

  • He could be attracted to you because of your physical aspects.
    • You could be beautiful: your eyes, your nose, your lips, your face, your torso, your overall physique.
    • You could have a defining feature which makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd.
  • He could be attracted to you based on your personality.
    • You could be mild, feminine, gentle and caring.
    • You could be wild, carefree, and a bit loud.
    • You could be adventurous and curious.
    • You could be mature and wise.
    • **You could be anything at all.
  • He could be attracted to you because of your net worth.
    • He could be a gold digger.
  • He could be attracted to you because he loves you.
    • That's the bias of being in love.
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Q: Why is he so attracted to you?
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