Why is cartilage hard to heal?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well cartilage is the framework for the ear, this fibrous tissue structure has no actual blood circulation of it's own (remember it's just a frame) it gets it's blood supply from the surrounding *tissue (*the skin and it's many layers). When a cartilage piercing is done by a professional body piercer, the tissue is pierced larger than the jewellery gauge to allow the skin to form a tube into the cut cartilage and thus heal. We want the tissue to heal into the cartilage, if the jewellery is the same size as the piercing the skin has no room to form between the jewellery and cartilage and thus pain and discomfort. Circulation is another issue care needs to be used when laying out the piercing, fine vessels and arteries must be avoided when choosing a location to pierce. Damage to these can lead to decreased blood flow and longer healing times. It's really detailed work involving hours of study to understand the whole system and how it works. That is why ear piercing guns should never be used to pierce ear cartilage, the piercing stud is not designed to make an allowance for the tissue to enter into the cartilage to heal.

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Q: Why is cartilage hard to heal?
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Does cartilage heal slower than skin because cartilage is a deeper tissue?

it takes weeks to heal bone tissue i believe that cartilage does heal faster i hope i helped you thanks

Why doesn't cartilage heal?

Mine did.

How long does cartilage take to heal?

When you pierce your cartilage, it is supposed to do a good job of healing. However, there are plenty of people who find that their cartilage piercings heal in a different way - with a keloid, or bump, on the back or front of the piercing.

What connective tissue takes the longest to heal bone or adipose or dense regular or cartilage or areolar tissue?

Cartilage takes longest to heal because it is avascular.

What is eart made of?

Cartilage. If broken it will not heal by itself.

How long to wait after getting your ear lobes pierced to get your cartilage pierced?

I'd wait till your lobes are completely or nearly completely healed. Cartilage piercings take longer to heal and if your body is trying to heal your lobes AND cartilage at the same time, it'll take even longer for your cartilage to heal. So, 2-3 mths.

Why does bone heal more easily than cartilage?

Because bone is much harder than cartilage

Why does cartilage heal slow?

Very little blood circulation

Cartilage pierced 5 weeks agothe location of it bothers me the piercer didnt put it in the helix part of my ear but rather deeper in the cartilage. If i take it out will it heal totally?

Well you can remove it and the tissue portion of the piercing will heal however the incised cartilage will not heal. Cartilage doesn't heal like other areas of the body, it will develope a lump as it attempts to close and heal and this could last for weeks to months depending on the area. As for the duration of time you have had the piercing that's what makes the healing hard to judge. See in hospitals I.V.'s are relocated after 24 to 48 hours so that the body doesn't try to heal around the I.V. cath. Any time you exceed 48 hours your body will start to heal the piercing by forming a tissue tube around the jewellery. So I would guess if you remove the jewellery and leave it out all together it may heal but it will take a considerable period of time because it's cartilage and there is not the blood circulation in that area to support a shorter healing time. That's why cartilage piercings take so long to heal in the first place. Good luck.

How long does it take knee cartilage to heal?

6-8 wks

How long does it take for an industrial to heal?

Industrials can take up to 6 months to heal due to the reduced circulation in the cartilage.

Why do bone injuries heal much more rapidly the injuries to cartilage?