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because she didnt make his sandwich

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Q: Why husband gives punishment to his wife?
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Is it on behalf of my wife and i or my wife and me when a husband gives a thank you toast at a wedding?

"On behalf of my wife and me..."

Can a wife have more than 1 husband in Islam?

No Islam does not allow a wife to have more than 1 husband. But if her husband dies or her husband gives divorce, she can marry with another muslim.

What does concession mean in a marriage?

A concession is an understanding or agreement between husband and wife so they can make their marriage work, prosper, and last for many years to come. A concession can also mean tit for tat. The husband gives the wife something and the wife gives something to the husband in return.

Do you need a warrant to search and seize firearms in a domestic violence offence if the wife says there is and the husband says there is not?

If both husband and wife are tenants in common, and the wife gives her permission, that is a "consent" search. Warrants are not required when a person freely gives their consent for the search.

Why some husband get turned off when the wife gives blessing to go back to his mistress?

When a wife gives her husband her blessings so he can return to his mistress he is not expecting this and his wife is as much as saying 'I don't care.' Her husband is wary of her giving up so easily and most likely feels she is having an affair as well and oddly enough while the husband feels it is fine to have a mistress he does not like the idea of his wife having a lover. Therefore, this could be bad for the mistress because the husband is more likely to stay with his wife.

What is the opposite of wife?


Husband and wife married for 5 years wife name is not on property deeds what right does the wife has if husband dies?

It depends on the state and his will, if he gives everything to you in his will, or at least the house, then you have no issue at all, but if there are children from a previous relationship and the husband has no will, you might have to buy them out or sell the place if they inherit under the state laws of intestacy. Check with your local laws and make sure you and your husband have wills.

Does a PA huband have rights to wife's inheritance?

No. In the US a husband has no rights in his wife's inheritance.No. In the US a husband has no rights in his wife's inheritance.No. In the US a husband has no rights in his wife's inheritance.No. In the US a husband has no rights in his wife's inheritance.

If a battered wife perjures herself to protect her husband what is the punishment?

Giving a false statement on a crime carries a punishment varying from 1-10 yrs prison, and or US$ 4000-US$15000 fine. However it varies from states.

Can you wife say no to sex to her husband?

Yes, a wife can refuse sex to her husband. If the husband were to force his wife to have sex it is rape.

Can brothers of the husband and wife be brothers in law?

The husband's brother is a brother-in-law to the wife. The wife's brother is a brother-in-law to the husband. However, the husband's brother is not related to the wife's brother.

What does spouse mean?

It means partner husband/wife