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cos he is to shy and he is an profetional in street art grafitty

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Q: Why doesnt bansky show his face?
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When and where was bansky born?

when was bansky

What has the author BANSKY written?

BANSKY. has written: 'WALL AND PIECE'

Does masterchief show his face in odst?

No he doesnt now, MasterCheif isn't in ODST

What is bansky's work about?

he was a builder called bob

How old is bansky?

nobody know's, He is in hiding

What is the book 'Wall and Piece' about?

The book Wall and Piece is about a street artist known as Bansky. The book features some of Bansky's artwork as well as artistic and political statements.

Why did bansky start graffti?

bansky started graffititying when he was young and now he is a man in disguise. And some of his work can go for millions but he doesn't want to reveal his self or he will be prosecuted

How do they make slender man look real?

they get a really skinny and tall guy and make him wear a mask that doesnt show his face

Why doesn't this work?

it doesnt work because your face in Tye's face

What do you do if your face doesnt work?

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When was Bansky born?

Impossible to answer !... His real name, birthplace, and date of birth are unknown.

When was Show Your Face created?

Show Your Face was created in 1971.