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As a boy i can answer this...the reason we get mad over the little things..well there are many answers. here are some... 1. we r having a really bad day and have to find someone to take it out on. 2. We just went to the doctor and found out we have prostate cancer, or 3. We get really jealous of other guys, no matter if the guy is gay, we are still jealous he is spending time with you and we aren't. :)

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Q: Why does your boyfriend get mad over the little things?
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Why does your boyfriend get mad so easily over little things and hold onto his anger thus punishing you?

because he feels guilty about things and wants to turn it around on you, trust me...i was there once

What does it mean when your boyfriend is mad at you because of your mom?

He could-be mad if your mom was rude to him. He should not be mad at you over this.

Why do you get mad when by boyfriend does things without you?

Because your relationship lacks trust.

Why does Chris Brown get so mad over little things like text messages and other little things?

mabye cause he just gets afinded so that's it

What do you do if your boyfriend is mad at you because you wouldn't tell him a secret?

He'll get over it.

I ignored my boyfriend because i was mad if he calls what do i say?

You answer the phone and talk out the problems. You tell him why you are mad and try to work things out

Why did Hanna in Pretty Little Liars crash her boyfriend?

Because she was mad he wouldn't have sex with her and she was drunk.

Why does my boyfriend always get mad at me?

It would be hard to say why your boyfriend is always gets mad at you without knowing the situation. It could be because he is jealous, you are spending too much time together, or he may have lost interest in your relationship.

How you if your boyfriend is cheating?

If he says weird things like "come on babe" or "don't be mad at me" or you know I love you"

If you have a girlfriend and i got mad at her ex boyfriend and she got mad at me does that mean its over?

pretty much but if you say your sorry enough then you might get her but most of the time it depends on the girl

What to say if a friend is mad over a boy?

If a friend is mad over a boy, just tell them that you are there for them. Say positive things and let them know that they are great,.

What to do if your mad at your boyfriend?

The best thing to do if you are mad at your boyfriend, is to remember all the good things about them. Remember the things that make you laugh, and smile. What they do that makes you happy. Step back and assess the situation, and make sure that you really are as mad as you think you are. You wouldn't want to do anything that would mess things up between you. If its a big problem, try and talk about it. Try not to yell, and ask questions, to make sure you aren't wrong about the entire situation.