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Whatever you do don't stop your relationship if you don't want to. I say talk to him. But do whatever your heart disires

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Q: Why does my boyfriend acts like we're not going out what should i do?
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What should you do if your boyfriend calls himself your boyfriend to his friends but acts like your friend?

Flirt with him and make some moves.

What do you do when your boyfriend acts like he dont want you but doesnt want anyone else to have you?

tell him that if he really wants you that he should show it or else your going to leave him for someone else

If you like this guy and you have a boyfriend and the guy you like hits on you and eavesdropped on you talking abut breaking up with your boyfriend should you be going for him?

umm, why would you be going out with someone if you like someone else??

You like a girl but you have a boyfriend and the relationship is going nowhere?

Does the girl know you like her? How long have you an and your boyfriend been together? And are you asking what should you do?

How do you know if you and your boyfriend should keep going out?

if you still like him and if he's not cheating on you.

Should you dump your boyfriend if your never going to see him again but still like him?

yeah you so should babes

What do you do if your boyfriend acts like you dont excist?

if he acts like you dont excist then dumb him hes not worth it! you want a guy that wants and acts like he wants you and that you do excist.

When should you start going somewhere with your boyfriend?

Well whenever you feel comfortable you should start by going to a hockey game or something like that. Hope that helped!!!!!

Should you tell your boyfriend when guys are trying to talk to me?

I wouldn't. Guys are not going to stop talking to you because you have a boyfriend. If they act like they want to go out with you, just let them know you have a boyfriend.

How do you tell if your boyfriend doesnt like you any more?

If he ignores you, acts normal around but not affectionate, or acts weird around you.

Boyfriend but you also like someone else what should you do?

i have a boyfriend but like someone else whai should i do

What should you do if you like someone and they like you back but it already seem like they go out?

Find out if they have a girlfriend/boyfriend. If they don't, you are free to ask but if they do have a boyfriend/girlfriend, you should just be friends for a little bit. When they break up with who they were going out with, give them time to heal then go for the move.