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tell him that if he really wants you that he should show it or else your going to leave him for someone else

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Q: What do you do when your boyfriend acts like he dont want you but doesnt want anyone else to have you?
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What do you do if your boyfriend acts like you dont excist?

if he acts like you dont excist then dumb him hes not worth it! you want a guy that wants and acts like he wants you and that you do excist.

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What do you do if your boyfriend dont love you?

break up with him but only if you are positive he doesnt like u

What should you do if your boyfriend doesnt talk to you?

Dont forget him. You need to talk to him, tell him how you feel about how he is treating you. :)

What do you do if your friend was told that you like her boyfriend but you dont and she doesnt believe you?

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that he needs a break or you guys just dont have the same friends

If a boyfriend only acts like a real boyfriend when his girlfriend is in town does that mean he doesnt really love her or that he is cheating?

AnswerWhat does a real boyfriend act like. If she is happy with it then so be it. I dont know why you would be asking, are you a guy friend of his or a chick that likes him? I would say as long as he is not being any different personality wise , then its cool.Thanks i do like some guys

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