Why does a guy feel uncomfortable around you?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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For the Same reason you feel uncomfortable around him, he likes you.... =D

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Q: Why does a guy feel uncomfortable around you?
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Why would a guy feel uncomfortable around you?

Maybe if you are embarrassing or annoying.

How do you know when A guy has gone overboard?

When you feel uncomfortable or when he tries to make you uncomfortable.

How do you tell a guy that likes you that you and his best friend are together?

You simply joke around at the fact, don't make him feel uncomfortable!

What does it mean if a guy puts his arm around you then stops because you are looking at him?

I think that maybe he thinks he's making you feel uncomfortable so he stops.

How does a girl feel when a guy wears bra and pantie?

well if a guy wore a male thong it would be entertaining. but with a bra on... not too much. i would feel a little uncomfortable lol. but its a different story when it's fooling around in the bedroom.

How do you ask a guy out if you feel unconfortable around him because you like him so much?

first of all, dont feel uncomfortable, practice what how you want to ask him until you know your ready, if you still feel uncomfortable write him a letter, but make it short dont write a big whole paragraph of how you feel. And dont show him how nervous you are, be cool about it.

How do you be annoying to brother?

Follow him around and make him feel uncomfortable.

How should a girl act around a boy she likes?

Be herself! A nice boy would go out with a girl for who she is.. if she does feel uncomfortable around him and she feels like that she should act differently, then it is simply not the right guy!

Will a guy who knows you like him from your friend and likes you back sometimes feel awkward and uncomfortable around you?

sometimes, either he's not quite sure how to act around girls or he's just shy around girls he likes .

How will an outgoing guy who likes you answer you if you ask him out when he is uncomfortable around you?

The only way to know is to ask him and see, though honestly if an "outgoing guy" is "uncomfortable" around you, it's at least a reasonable bet that he doesn't actually like you all that much.... outgoing people don't usually get uncomfortable around people they like.

What happens if your friend has a crush on your brother?

If you are uncomfortable with it, talk to your friend and tell her how you feel about the situation. If she doesn't do anything about it, tell your brother about it and tell him how uncomfortable it makes you feel around the two of them.

When you are in a heterosexual relationship why does your boyfriend feel uncomfortable when you hang out with your gay GUY friends?

like hello are u a lezbo