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It doesn't last for a whole month. It lasts usually 2-8 days. But it does come every month, just not for a whole month.

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Q: Why do your period last for a month?
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How soon after your last period should you get another period?

You should get your next period , about a month from when you got your last period.

If had your period the 20th of last month when is it possible to have it this month?

eighteen the following month

Will i get my period this month if i had it twice last month?

You have a period roughly every 28 days however it varies depending on each woman.

Your last period was on July 16 when will you ovulate?

next month

Is it bad having your period earlier before last month?


I missed my period last month and it still hasn't came on this month could i be pregnant?


Can you get your period the first month you get pregnant?

If you are having a period, you re not pregnant. You cannot be pregnant until after your last period.

If the last period started on 28 December and this month on 24 January then which is the safe date to do intercource?

if the last period started on 28 December and this month on 24 January then which is the safe date to do intercource

What does it mean to have your period start on the last day of the month?

It doesn't mean anything, it just means that your period happened to start on the last day of the month. When your periods start have nothing to do with the calendar date.

What does it mean when you get your period twice in one month after taking plan b but the next month no period?

Your menstrual cycle basically reset after you took the Plan B. Wait a month from your last period, not from your normal cycle.

Why did you miss your period last month and it came on the next month?

Sometimes a woman's period is irregular. They could have their period one month, skip the next, then get it again. This happens more when women are just getting their period (more in teenage years)

You had two periods last month and missed your period this month?

If you're in the first 1-2 years of your period, it's normal. If not, call a doctor.