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I'm assuming you're a girl, because guys don't use the term "your crush," at least no guys I've ever met. If you're pretty -- or if "your crush" thinks you are -- he may be intimidated by you for that reason alone. That really is a reflection of his less-than-great self-esteem. He is judging you as a person strictly by your appearance and physical good looks -- which is really no indication of character -- and judging himself unworthy of your attention. ("I am not worthy!") So, if you think this guy is cute and would like meet him or go out with him or something, don't just sit there and wish he would do something. Just go up to him and say hello. But don't be surprised if he's all weird and stuff. He may not know how to act when you do that. He might get all flustered and stuff. So be patient, and cut him some slack.

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If your crush is acting awkward around you then they probably like you too and are shy.

^This is most commonly true but just try not to jump to conclusions immediately. Figure it out by making friends with him or her and of course, keep your Poker face on.

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Being nervous around someone you like is a normal way of your mind and soul reacting to your feelings. Your heart tends to beat alittle faster because you are either so excited are so anxious which makes you react the way you do. But you could kill that feeling by starting simple conversations and taking deep breaths to ease yourself alittle.

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Q: Why do your crush act awkward around you?
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What do you do if a guy wants to make friends with you but no matter what you act too socially awkward and he's more outgoing how can you stop acting awkward around him so he can get to know you?

Its normal, its called a crush. He probably cant tell your being socially awkward but you become self conscious and it gets in your head which makes you act weird. Have confidence, dont think about what your doing, it will come to you naturally.

How do you know if your crush dreams about you?

the way she act around you will be different from how she act with other

Lets say my crush is in front of me im thinking about going to her and telling her that i have a crush on you would that be super awkward?

If your crush is walking toward you and you suddenly go up to her and tell her that you have a crush on her, that would be awesome and not at all awkward.

How do you act around a girl who knows that you have a crush on her if she PROBABLY dislikes you?

act like your not bothered by it.

Is it normal for some situations to be awkward when your crush is around?

Its perfectly normal because it may seem difficult to let a crush know or be involved in something. but in case,play cool.

A guy knows that you like him and told all of his friends and you are so awkward around him what do you do?

Just don't be awkward act casual. It will only be as awkward as you make it. If you just make conversation and look him in the face and act confident everything will be normal. And if he is awkward then if you behave the way i said he'll get over it soon enough.

Do most shy thirteen year old girls get louder when not around their crush?

They act normal..?!?? They act just like their true colors. They do stuff silly that they would be embarrassed to do around their crush

Should you act girly around your crush?

You should act like yourself. So if your girly, then yeah.

How to be around your crush and you have both confessed you like each other and he makes you laugh but you still feel weird around him?

From this question, I take it that you two aren't going out, you could just act as if you never told each other and that might help make it less awkward. It really depends if you are laughing at him because he actually said something funny or because you have a crush on him because you shouldn't act different just because you have told each other something. Just be friends and act normal.

Why is your mutual crush shyer around you than she used to be?

probably because he/she doesnt like you anymore and he/she finds it awkward and wants you to leave them alone.

How do you talk to you ex without any awkwardness?

it wont be awkward if you dont act awkward. just act cool and act like friends

Do guys act like jerks around girls they have a crush on?

Younger ones do sometimes