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You should act like yourself. So if your girly, then yeah.

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Q: Should you act girly around your crush?
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Should you be weird around your crush?

No, not at all. He/she'll like you more if you just act normal.

What do you do if a guy thinks you dont like him?

prove you do like him flirt and act girly around him and him only

How do you know if your crush dreams about you?

the way she act around you will be different from how she act with other

How can you be a girly boy?

there are many different ways to be girly. or at least what people consider girly. there's the usual, dressing girly, which would be in skirts and nice blouses and stuff. but then again there are also different ways of dressing girly. anyways, acting girly requires having good manners because you cant be burping all loud and expect to be called girly. you can also act girly by being flirty around people, showing confidence in yourself. smiling also helps. :D

How do you act around a girl who knows that you have a crush on her if she PROBABLY dislikes you?

act like your not bothered by it.

How do you get a girly boyfriend if you are gay?

Well if you mean a girly gay boyfriend. Your best bet would be to act girly yourself around him. Their are two kinds of gay men. There are the girly types and also the straight acting types. Usually it is very hard to know if a straight acting gay man is actually gay as many are married and some even have children with their wives/Female partners. So yeah just act girly around him and flutter your eyelids when he looks at you. Good luck.

How do you talk to girls if you are not a girly girl?

Just act yourself around them. If they don't like who you are, screw them! :) always be yourself.

How do you get an older boy to ask you out?

you should try to act like him but in a girly way and try to act his age and you know might work out, good luck!

Do most shy thirteen year old girls get louder when not around their crush?

They act normal..?!?? They act just like their true colors. They do stuff silly that they would be embarrassed to do around their crush

What should i do to get my crush to like me?

Don't act weird, just be yourself that is who they should like!

How should you behave in front of your crush?

Don't act in front of him/her if they don't like you for who you are then why should you care for them?

How do you know if your boyfriend has a crush on your friend?

You will be able to tell by the way the act around one another and how he treats her, talks with her, looks at her. If you wonder maybe you should talk to him about it.