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I don't know ! He say he love me but he don't show it. he act like he don't want to be bother with me. im not what he is looking for i think.. my stomach isn't flat enought for him and my booty ain't bigger enough for him.. what should i do

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Q: Why do your boyfriend come around you and pay any attentions?
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Does your boyfriend talk about you when you are not around?

Any respectable boyfriend will not talk too much about his girlfriend.

Why do people crowd around you and your boyfriend?

some people don't mean any thing by it ,or sometimes they like you or your boyfriend

Best age to have a boyfriend?

There isn't really an age that it's best to have a boyfriend just make sure you are mature and emotionally ready to have a boyfriend and that your comfortable with any situation that might come your way.

How do you tell if your boyfriend doesnt like you any more?

If he ignores you, acts normal around but not affectionate, or acts weird around you.

Is there any virtual worlds were you can have a boyfriend?

is there any website that you can have a boyfriend

What do i do if i feel guilty about lying to my mom about my boyfriend?

Come clean or you will have to compound it any losses will be greater if they find out on their own.

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How come my boyfriend wont bring me around his friends?

Maybe your boyfriend doesn't realize he's letting you down, or maybe he doesn't respect you as much as he should. Consider talking to him about how you're feeling. Communication is vital to any relationship.

What happens when your boyfriend does not like your friends?

Well, usually your boyfriend might not want to hang around your friends and if they're near you, he might not want to hang around you that much. If he absolutely hates your friends then he might avoid spending any time with you altogether. Stop and think, are your friends true friends, or is your boyfriend not a very good boyfriend? :0)

How do i know if my boyfriend is joking around or telling the truth about killing me if i hurt him in any way?

What you can do is see if he is very tense after he says that or you could look at him in every way you can to see if he is joking.If your boyfriend is commenting about hurting you in any way, is he really the kind of guy you want to have around? He should cherish you, not threaten you.

You and your boyfriend were fooling around now you haven't gotten your period?

Get a test kit to see if there's any cause for alarm.

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