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Not very effectively. Shivering is a last-ditch attempt by the body to generate heat in it's own muscles to try and ward off increasing cold, but the operative words are "last ditch" - it just doesn't help much if one is really chilled.

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muscular activities produce heat, shivering is a muscular activity; like exercising so therefore heat is produce to keep you warm.

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Shivering when you are warm can mean that you have a temperature - however you would usually 'feel' cold but 'be' warm for this to be the case.

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Q: Why do you keep shivering when your body is warm?
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What is the function of shivering?

Shivering is an involuntary muscular response from the body, triggered by cold. The "shivering" muscles are trying to internally generate heat, to help keep you warm.

What is your body doing when you shiver?

Shivering is a rapid involuntary contraction and relaxation of your muscles to generate heat. It is your body's way of trying to keep you warm when it feels cold.

What reflex is triggered to warm your body?


What does the human body do to warm up?

shivering warms the body up.

Does relaxing your body help you warm up when your cold I find shivering makes me feel colder?

Relaxing your body will only make you colder,and shivering is your bodies response when it is cold and is ment to warm your body up a little.There is no way shivering can make your body colder.

Shivering when you are cold actually warms you up?

Yes, infact it does. When you shiver, your body recoginzes that you are cold and conserves heat to keep you warm.

When you feel cold what does your body do to keep us warm?

ONE of the things is to shiver. Shivering is involuntary muscle movement that creates heat.

Why do you shiver you are cold?

shivering is said to warm your body when cold.

If you shiver on a cold winter night are you shivering from the cold or heat?

I believe your body is responding to the cold by shivering to warm you up.

What is the scientific name for shivering to warm up?

The scientific term for shivering to warm up is thermogenesis. This is the body's way of producing heat to maintain its core temperature in cold environments.

Is sweating a reflex triggered to warm your body?

No, sweating is not a reflex triggered to warm your body. Sweating is a response by your body to regulate its temperature by releasing heat through the evaporation of sweat on your skin, helping to cool you down.

Why do you become sleepy when you come inside from the cold?

Likely to be because your body and muscles are working hard to keep you warm whilst you are in the cold ...(i.e. shivering) so when you actually warm up and your muscles can rest you feel tired as you have used a considerable amount of energy to keep warm