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breast cancer or gonherrea

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ummm...thats where your heart is

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Wish i knew i been having same issue for about a year 🙄

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Q: Why do you have a burning sensation in your left nipple after eating spicy food or coffee?
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Why would there be a burning sensation in a male's left nipple?

Mental AIDS or diarehea

What is a normal nipple sensation?

Normal nipple sensation is when it is stimulated then it will erect and constant stimulation makes the uterus contract.

Why do I have a burning sensation on my left breast and itching both on the nipple is that something you should be worried about?

ummm im not sure, but i'd contact your doctor

Why do women pierce their nipple?

Nipple piercing is not only for the look of the piercing but also for personal stimulation, once healed nipple piercings can be quite erotic and will add sensation when the right jewellery is in the piercings.

What does breast feel?

it will probably feel weird at first. but it is just a sucking sensation on your nipple.

What does breast feels like?

it will probably feel weird at first. but it is just a sucking sensation on your nipple.

When woman with large breast get breast reductions do they loose nipple sensation?

Breast reduction/loss of sensationThat depends on the how the surgery is done and the skill of the surgeon, but most of the time, no, the sensation in the nipple is not lost. There is always that risk, however and when the surgeon has you sign the consent for the surgery, they will explain that possibility to you. In addition:In the earlier breast reduction surguries, the nipple was removed and replaced in a different location usually higher up on the breast as most of the reduction was removed from the lower part. This separated the nipple from the milk glands and nerve endings. In more recent surguries, the nipple is left in its original position to maintain feeling and milk production.

How does a girls nipple produce milk?

A woman's nipple is able to produce milk because it has many little holes that are connected to milk glands in the breast (they are actually somewhat analogous to sweat glands). Tiny muscles contract when stimulated (typically by a sucking sensation on the nipple), and thus squeeze the milk from the glands.

Why does your nipple turn green when im eating burritos?

because it gets all the nutrients from the cilantro in your burritos

Are you pregnant if your breasts leak clear liquid when you squeeze them?

This could be pregnancy related if your about 3 months along yes or a nipple discharge cause by drinking too much coffee or a nipple infection. Do a test and see your doctor.

What are some risks associated with breast implant surgery?

Some of the risks of breast implant surgery include additional surgery, capsular contracture, breast pain, changes in nipple and breast sensation, and rupture.

Will piercing your nipples help you get back feeling of sensation after losing it two years ago do to breast lift?

Probably not. If anything, nipple piercing comes with its own risks of losing sensation (though it's not the case most often). Answer from a Professional Body Piercer: I have had many women who have inverted nipples come in and get them pierced to prevent the nipple from inverting with great success, and I have also had women with implants come and have there nipples done to add sensation to the nipples that they lost due to the implant proceedure. So the breast lift proceedure is basicly a reajustment of the connective tissue to which the breast is supported. Piercing the nipple will cause the nipple to enhanse and enlarge slightly depending on the gauge (thickness) of the jewellery used. (Generally 14 ~ 12 gauge depending on the intended use, 14g being the most common) The enhansement effect can take 6 to 8 months to occur, it's not and over night thing but it will happen. You may feel sensations differently than before, but the piercing will help by allowing more manipulation of the nipple and thus more stimulation and with that more feeling.