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Well, maybe certain white guys like diversity and dark skinned women, this may just be their preference.

Because black guys date white women.

I wonder who asked this question? Maybe its because they are fun, they can cook, they can dance, and they are good in bed. jajajajaja. Can you handle that? There are many reasons why people date other people besides their own race. There isn't one specific answer, but many good ones. And this goes for every race. And im not white, nor black. I am a puerto rican women. jajaja

lol maybe its the same as what black women say about white women-all the black men are with white women so why not take the white guys=)))

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Q: Why do white guys date black women?
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Do Black guys date Hispanic women?

Of course they do.

How many black guys date white girls?

80 % of the black guys have dated white girls publicly or secretly.

Are Black women attracked to white guys?

Yes, they are.... ;)

Do white guys date black girls?


Do Black guys date Mexican women?

Yes, all the time.

Why do black guys have jungle fever?

its white women who have jungle fever

Do black girls like white men more then black men?

Depends on the individual. Some black women like white men, some black women like black men. Generally, you tend to find a black woman with a black man. Hi! Well, I'm a Black girl and I like Latino and Asian guys more than Black guys, but some White guys are okay. I think theres a lack of trust between Black women and White guys, so theres not as many of those couples as other types. What I mean is, some Black women are raised to be suspiscious of White guys. We're taught that most White guys who would show interest in us would only use us for sex, or to be able to say he's "been with a Black chick" or something. So Black women who do like White guys are often not as open to admitting it. Still, there is a growing number of Black women who do! I'm in college and my friends who are Black do like White guys and some date them. I was unsure of the idea for a long time because I thought it would be awkward (even though I grew up in an all White city! lol), and there are others like me too. Bottom line is just yes and no. There are Black women who like Black men, and then there are those who like White men. Then, in my case, there are us who like Latino or Asian guys :)

Do Asian guys date black women?

Yeah... Why wouldn't they? Hope this helps.

Where do you go to find white women that love black guys?

Almost everywhere

What do you call a black girl who likes black guys?

There is no specific term for black girls that like black guys, just like there isn't a term for white girls that date white guys. There is no specific name for someone who dates inside their own race.

Why don't white guys date black girls?

You should get out more and you'd see that they do.

Why do black wemon get mad when they see a black man dating a white wemon?

It is a world of guys having money is like a complete thing every woman wants, and hence white women, latinos, asians all falls for the black guy. Secondly, black guys are family oriented, so most black women only likes black guys. So, they complain when they lose the good/rich guys in the community, and because some white women are just gold diggers, you soon see the guy black guy back, separated with the while girl. Black women sees white women as gold diggers, that's all. This is almost true, if you look at famous black guys, when they marry white girls, and become richer later, then women will go to court and seek divorce, taking almost half of their wealth with them. This does not apply to all white girls though.

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