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being that im a black woman i do date outside my race not tha i dont like black men but just in regards to me i date white guys puerto-rican guys and mexican guys and italian guys i love the mixed race and dating outside my race is perfectly fine with me i have no problem with it. its not that wont ever date a black guy just for me right now im dating mixed guys and its a fun experience and the sex is great. if i had to choose the best guy ive dated that wore me out i would have to say white guys. being that i am too mixed with mexican and indian. the opportunities are better and im open to try new things. i hope this answers your question. ;)

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Q: Do black women date outside their race?
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Do black women date interracialy?

Yes. Black women date outside their race.

Does it bother black women that some black men date outside there race?


Why don't African American women date outside their race?

That is an incorrect stereotype. Many date outside their race.

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What race do women prefer in like sex and stuff from Asian black white and Australian?

Women around the world tend to prefer white, western men over any other race. White men, specifically from countries such as USA and Great Brittan project greater status, wealth and power than any other race. With that being said, women the world over have an inherent need for financial security for themselves and their children. Many of them believe that scoring a white, professional male will guarantee them some level of security. In fact, I was once told by an Asian woman that in many Asian cultures, the only time when it is acceptable for Asian women to marry outside their race is when the man is white and educated. But if an Asian woman were to bring a Black or Hispanic guy home (regardless of education), she would be immediately dis-owned by her family. I've heard similar comments such as this from many foreign women. As far as sex, foreign women prefer white males, in part due to the above mentioned reason. However, a small percentage of western white women due tend to be more open to dating outside their race due to various reasons. For example, some white women date black guys because of perceived sexual prowess and rigidness that black men project. These women tend to have an angry outlook towards society and will choose to demonstrate there rebellious nature by having a black, gangster like boyfriend while others will date outside there race for potential monetary and lifestyle gains.

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Latino isn't a race --- many LATINOS and LATINAS are white themselves. And I'm sure if they date white women, it would be a WHITE LATINA. All the latinos I know are married to their own ethnicity.

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`that every black women has the right to .....

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