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Because, taller people have larger lungs, therefore meaning they can inhale more air in due to a bigger capacity of volume.

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they dont

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Q: Why do smokers have a higher than average vital capacity?
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Why would carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in cigarette smoke cause smokers to generally have higher than average vital capacity?

The carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in cigarette smoke cause smokers to generally have a higher than average vital capacity because the body is trying to get more oxygen. The increase occurs only for a fairly short period of time. It is the body"s attempt to maintain homeostasis and adequate ventilation.

Why is a athletes vital capacity higher than the average person?

Because a athlete constantly uses there vital capacity meaning it increases there vc and also there is a more effective supply of oxygen to the muscles

How might vital capacity be important to some musicians?

higher vital capacity should help them to go to high pitch

what is the average value for vital capacity in healthy young adult males?


What is the difference between Forced vital capacity and vital capacity?

there is no difference.

How does your calculated vital capacity compare to recorded vital capacity?

tu mama

What is vital capacity of lungs?

the vital capacity of lungs is 3.5 liters to 4.5 litres

Average vital capacity of 21 male?

5.5 dcm3 (5.5 litres) , but really it depends on how big you are

What is vital lung capacity?

vital lung capacity is how much air remains in your lungs after you exhale

The lung volume that represents the total volume of exchangeable air is the?

vital capacity

For vital capacity what units are the measurements in?

My vital capacity is 1650cc (Yes, it's very low, but I'm twelve and I'm small). cc is used to measure vital capacity.

Do you use a higher proportion of vital capacity during running speech compared to quiet breathing?

No. Idol (1936) found that more than half of her 140 subjects breathed more deeply for life purposes than for normal speech. Hoshiko (1964) found that ~50% of vital capacity is inhaled for speech. More vital capacity is used for breathing.