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Its not the people who says your crush likes, its we who want to hear from others, so we asked them that type of ques nd indirectly force them to say that,

its nothing but a feeling which a gives us happiness..

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Q: Why do people say your crush likes you?
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What does it mean when your crushes friend says that your crush likes you but your crush denies it?

It means that one of them is lying or your crush is shy to say it

What do you say to your crush that likes you back?

I like this girl whos friend came and asked me if i liked my crush, which from my experience means that my crush likes me. WHAT DO I DO???? IM 13 this is my first oppotunity to get a girlfriend that i like. HELP!!

How do you find out that your crush likes you?

you ask your crush's best friend to ask your crush who your crush likes(it may not work but just try)

What do you do when you like someone who likes your best friend?

Think about any qualities that you share with your friend and embrace them. If your friend doesn't like your crush don't say that to your crush but tell people who you know will tell your crush. If that doesn't work than just wait. But don't forget that there are a lot of other people out there

How do you tell your friend that her crush likes you instead?

Say, "Um, {Name} Your crush likes me, but I'll give him to you. He's not my type", or, " Please don't be mad, but your crush{Name of crush} likes me, and not you, can we still be friends, even if I date him?" PS And I am 10 years old so If that doesn't help, Sorry.I think relation ships are creepy in a way.

How do you make it totally obvious that your friend likes their crush?

you yell out stuff like example:Savannah likes ...................monkeys when she was about to say the boy she likes which that boy is example: Anthony.

My crush likes to sleep my belly why?

If your crush likes to sleep on your belly, then he or she finds that affectionate.

How do I tell if a girl I have a crush on likes me back too?

If when you say hi she giggles or smiles or both

How can you get your crush to say who he likes?

One way is you could give him the silent treatment...and if he is concerned about u then he likes u. Or u could blackmail him...

If a guy you think has a crush on you but rarely speaks to you makes an effort when other people are around to say hi does it mean he likes you or is he just being polite?

Depends on your age group, but if you are young then I would say he probably likes you and he is embarressed, if you are older I would say he may not like you. Good luck!

Find out if your crush likes you?

Simply just ask your crush wether or not they like you or have someone do it for you. For instance have your friend go up to your crush and say a little someting to get her to tell but just dont blirt it out.

What is a creative way to tell your mom about your crush?

Bring up your crush in conversation. Start talking about someone your think also likes him/her. Then say "you remember when I said that --- likes that guy/girl? I like them too" it should work.