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sometimes it comes from poor self esteem, and that person actually believes what they are saying.

sometimes people do this purely to get you to say "oh no, you are not so and so or such and such, don't be so silly".

this is known as "fishing for compliments" or just "fishing"

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Q: Why do people insult themselves?
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Why do people like to insult other people?

Usually people insult others because they are insecure about themselves in some way or they just want the attention on that person rather than on themselves.

Is being called a Nazi an insult?

Most people consider it an insult to be called a Nazi. However, some think it a compliment, and some call themselves Nazis.

Most people who insult other people are insecure They think that it will make them feel better if they put someone else down or they insult the other person to take attention off of themselves Some?

The question is...?

How can you use insult in sentence?

"It is considered quite rude to insult people; with or without cause." There is no need to insult people even if you have a cause.

Why do you insult Texas?

I don't insult Texas but, some people do because of how the people talk and dress.

Why do people call other people gay when they're not?

Those people think the term "gay" is an insult, and they're trying to insult someone. But it's not an insult, and it just make them sound stupid.

What is a sentence with the word insult?

You added insult to injury!I felt like that was an insult to my intelligence.You shouldn't insult other people.

How do you insult short people?

Ignore them, like with anyone you want to insult but keep your dignity.

How come people call people they like or don't know gay?

people who are afraid of gay people, or who just hate gay people, think it's bad to be gay. So they use the word "gay" as an insult, when it's really just part of human nature. Some of these hateful people are actually gay themselves, but can't bring themselves to admit it.

Do you insult people?

uh... let me think...NO

When did gays start calling themselves queens?

Gays did not start calling themselves queens. This is a slur that was thrown on them. since at least the 1950's. Some gay people decided to "own" the word, and make it into something prideful, but most gay people still regard this word as an insult.

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