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Q: Most people who insult other people are insecure They think that it will make them feel better if they put someone else down or they insult the other person to take attention off of themselves Some?
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People always talk about me why are people so immature and desperate for attention?

If people can talk about someone else and put them down, they feel that makes them better. They are insecure in themselves. Not worrying about what they say and being secure in who you are is the best defense.

Why do people put epic fail videos on sites like YouTube?

It makes them feel better about themselves. For instance, when someone is insecure about themselves they will make fun of other people to make them feel a little better about themselves and maybe forget for a minute of all their life troubles.

Why would someone bully another person?

Here are a few reasons why one would bully another: * To feel superior * Because they are insecure about themselves and making another feel this way allows them to feel better. * It is what they were taught to do. * They believe it will gain them friends. * It makes them feel worth something. * Because they are psychologically damaged or bullied themselves.

Why would an individual keep cheating on the same person?

They cheat because they are insecure. They obviously feel like they need to prove that they can get someone other than the individual they are cheating on to make themselves feel better.

Does calling someone a loser make you feel better about yourself?

No, only if you are insecure about yourself and/or you are a bully.

Why do people insult people they don't even know?

My Definition: Insulting someone is something a person does to make themselves feel better by putting down another person. So according that basis: Someone who insults random strangers are typically thought of as insecure people.

Why are some people jealous of everything?

Because there insecure which means they usually don't feel good about themselves so they try to make others feel bad about them so the insecure person can feel better about his or herself

He dumped you because he is insecure?

Possibly: take it as a blessing because now you're free to find someone better.

Why girls like to talk bad things of other girls?

Because most girls who do this are insecure with themselves... And they 'talk bad things' - as u put it - about other girls to make themselves feel better about themselves, but really they're no better than anyone else!!

Why do people make fun of people who have down syndrome?

Because they're insecure with themselves, and feel "better" by being mean to people that have down syndromes.

How do you get to know someone better?

ask them to talk about themselves!

What causes bullying and being picked on at school?

Most of the time kids who are differenmt are picked on. There is nothing wrong with being different. The bullies are usually just insecure about themselves and pick on others to feel better about themselves.