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More white blood cells are being produced

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Lymph nodes are where the white blood cells are stored when preparing to fight an infection. Basically the lymph nodes get packed wall to wall full of white blood cells which causes them to become swollen and palpable(able to feel them).

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Why do people have a swollen lymph node when they are sick?

The answer is More white blood cells are being produced.

Why are lymph nodes often inflamed or swollen when we get sick?

because it collects lymph and bacteria within begins to kill the bacteriabecause the pores of the lymph node contains antibodies

What are the small organs found on lymphatic vessels called?

Lymphatic vessels are vein-like tubes connected at one end to the tiny organs known as lymph nodes, which carry the lymph (serum full of white blood cells) from the lymph node to the heart. Lymphatic nodes are part of the Lymphatic System, which helps the Immune System fight against pathogens. Whenever you get sick with the flu or some similar virus, your lymph nodes can become swollen--this is why doctors feel the side of your throat when they check you over at an appointment! They're checking to see if your tonsils (lymph nodes in your throat) are swollen.

What happens to the lymph after it travels through the lymphatic system?

After it travels through the lymphatic system, the lymph nodes filter lymph, trapping bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms in the fluid.Lymphatic vessels open into veins and the fluid re-enters the bloodstream.As lymph flows through the lymphatic system, it passes through small knobs of tissue called lymph nodes. Lymph nodes filter the lymph, trapping bacteria and other microorganisms that cause disease. When the body is fighting an infection, the lymph nodes enlarge. If you've ever had "swollen glands" when you've been sick, you've actually had swollen lymph nodes.

When you are sick your lymph nodes swell with extra erythrocytes true or false?

Very true

What is a lymph node?

•Lymph nodes are masses of lymphatic tissue surrounded by a fibrous connective tissue capsule. •The function of lymph node is to produce lymphocytes and to filter and trap substances from inflammatory and cancerous lesions. •Special cells, called macrophages are located in lymph nodes which can phagocytose foreign substances. •When bacteria are present in the lymph nodes, they become swollen with collections of cells and their engulfed debris and become tender.

Painless lump on side of neck?

They can be mineral deposits from your body (mine were caused by caffine) or something more serious; See you doctor. = Answer == They could be swollen lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are grouped together along lymph vessels throughout the body. There are a few places in the neck that have a cluster of these nodes. If you've been sick recently, then they are more than likely swollen lymph nodes. These nodes serve to filter out toxins and infection as these things circulate through the body. If a great deal of immune waste is filtered through one particular area, that area becomes congested with filtered material. This presents as lumps along a chain, because these nodes are along a lymph vessel pathway. These nodules will dissappear in time, no treatments needed. If you want to speed things up, you can look on the internet for lymph massage techniques, in which you can strip the congestion out by stroking the area in the direction of natural lymph flow. If you have not been sick lately, then it's important to get this looked at. There are other possibilities, but don't worry yourself...this is a very common finding.

Check Your Lymph Nodes For Increased Growing?

You want to make sure that you take action if you have a lymph node that is swelling continuously and will not stop. This could mean - though it does not in all cases - that you have cancer in the node. The thing that makes this confusing is that lymph nodes are meant to swell when you have an infection because they help to fight it off. If you feel your nodes swelling when you are sick, do not panic. That is what they are meant to do. It is only if they swelling continues that you need to worry.

Why do lymph nodes appear on the throat?

Lymph nodes are part of the immune system and can become enlarged or swollen when fighting off an infection. In the throat area, lymph nodes may enlarge in response to infections, such as the common cold or strep throat. This enlargement is a normal response to help the body combat the infection.

Why is there a small squishy bump on the side of my neck?

Its difficult to say what this could be. It could be your lymph node is swollen and feels like it is palable but Im really not sure. One thing for certain however is that you should see your Doctor ASAP. Any lumps found should always be investigated.

What do you do if you have swollen lymph nodes?

A doctor can prescribe an antibiotic if the lymph node gland gets very large or painful. Under normal conditions, no care is needed because they take care of themselves. You have 8 that I can think of. Two on the sides of your neck, one under each armpit, one near the inside of each arm at the elbow and one on each leg near the femur / pelvis joint. Lymph nodes collect poisions or harmful bacteria laden white blood cells and allow them to pass into the body at a rate that the body can deal with them.

How does lymph nodes help fight diseases?

Lymph nodes help fight diseases by filtering out harmful substances, such as bacteria and viruses, from the lymphatic fluid before it reaches the bloodstream. Within the lymph nodes, immune cells called lymphocytes work to identify and attack these pathogens to prevent infection from spreading throughout the body. Additionally, lymph nodes produce antibodies and other immune molecules to further combat infections.