Painless lump on side of neck?

Updated: 9/6/2023
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They can be mineral deposits from your body (mine were caused by caffine) or something more serious; See you doctor. = Answer == They could be swollen lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are grouped together along lymph vessels throughout the body. There are a few places in the neck that have a cluster of these nodes. If you've been sick recently, then they are more than likely swollen lymph nodes. These nodes serve to filter out toxins and infection as these things circulate through the body. If a great deal of immune waste is filtered through one particular area, that area becomes congested with filtered material. This presents as lumps along a chain, because these nodes are along a lymph vessel pathway. These nodules will dissappear in time, no treatments needed. If you want to speed things up, you can look on the internet for lymph massage techniques, in which you can strip the congestion out by stroking the area in the direction of natural lymph flow. If you have not been sick lately, then it's important to get this looked at. There are other possibilities, but don't worry yourself...this is a very common finding.

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Usually what is in that particular area of the neck are lymph glands. Copy & paste the following into the address bar of your browser (the http area):

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If you are worried about the lump on your neck then please go visit a doctor. A doctor will be able to help you much more than anyone here.

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Probably a lymph node.

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Q: Painless lump on side of neck?
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What could you a small painless lump be on your right side of neck?


Why does my neck have a painless lump at its base?

I don't know why! Go to a doctor!

What is a painless lump on the base of the neck?

Well it depends: I have a painless lump on the base of my neck but that's part of my spine! I'm guessing it is the same for you. But if you're really worried and think it is something different, then you should seek out a doctor's advice.

What can a painless lump on upper right side of the back behind the chest be?

keine idea

My niece has a painless pea-sized lump in her jaw muscle and another in her neck and now the one in her neck has grown to quarter sized in about 3 days but still painless What could this be?

It could be as simple as lymphadenopathy associated with a viral infection, or as complex as multiple lymph node involvement from one of a variety of lymphomas. The fact that these are painless is a bit concerning. So, to be on the safe side, it would be prudent to have her obtain a scheduled appointment with her physician to assess the situation.

What could a lump in the left side of my neck be that you cannot see only can feel it?

Any lump in your neck should be checked out by a physician to make sure it is nothing serious.

What could be a painless Lump under skin by lower right side?

any lump should be looked at by a physician whether it is painful or not, one never knows whether it could be cancerous or not..

What is a firm sore lump on the lower part of the neck on the left side with stiff and sore neck muscles?

I believe it is the thoart

What might a lump on the left side at the base of a neck indicate?

A lump at the front of the neck could be inflamed lymph nodes, or an increase in one nodule of the thyroid gland which is a butterfly shaped organ in the neck belonging to the endocrine system. At the back of the neck a lump could be a muscle spasm or a problem with a spinal vertebra.

What does it means to have an lump on the left side of your neck?

ganglionic or sebaceous? maybe lymphadenopathic of origin.

Pea size Lump on the front left side of your neck?

You should go and see a doctor to be on the safe side...

What can a neck lump be?

a turtle neck