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Once people start take drugs it's hard for them to stop.So after taking so much they will want more and will not be able to stop.That's when they start taking to much at once.And this is the time when they begin to overdose.

A lot of people have died from doing this.
So that is why it is important to never take drugs.
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It depends on the drug and the overdosing interferes with the body's ability to function, so it goes into a coma to preserve essential body functions, and if not successful can result in death.

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Q: Why do people end up in a coma after overdosing?
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How would one get a brain injury coma?

There are several different ways a person can end up in a coma due to a brain injury. A person can go into a coma if the brains swells or bleeds after the injury.

Can people hear you if they are in a coma?

it doesn't normally happen but their have been cases of people waking up and have reported hearing loved ones while in a coma state.

In queer as folk did Justin die?

Justin did not die during Queer as Folk. He was in a coma following the bashing at the end of Season 1, but he woke up shortly after.

Which episode of bones is the one where booth gets in a coma?

The episode where he is in the coma is the season four finale 'The End in the Beginning'.

What happends at the end of the chooice by nicholas sparks?

she wakes up from her coma and they all become a happy family

What would happen if you cut Oxycontin in half and drank with it?

You would run the risk of overdosing on central nervous system depressants. That could lead to anything from getting really messed up to death, with coma and permanent brain damage in between. Not smart.

What is the percentage of people that wake up from a coma?

It is said that 87% percent of people in a comatose state will wake up. The time that it will take for the people to wake up is uncertain.

What if you take adderall and you take VYvanse?

You'll probably end up overdosing and either killing yourself or ending up in the ICU ward of the hospital. Quit playing around with dangerous medicines.

What is the medical term meaning in a coma?

Click the link to see how to describe people. People who are comatose are basically sleeping, only they cannot be woken up.

Can you have seizures after waking up from a coma?

yes a coma can effect your body physically and emotionally

Can throwing up too much put you into a coma?

Throwing up can cause dehydration, which can cause a person to pass out and slip into a coma.

How about injury to the front of the head?

there is a 25% chance you will die immediatly and if you dont die instantly you end up in a deep coma until you eventually die