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For the simple fact they feel threatened and envious of those that come across stronger and more wiser than themselves. Those who label, critise, pass judgement, degrade, verbally humilate, or put other people down, are just showing you that they feel inferior and their lives are lacking substance. People who lack education, are arrogant, ignorant and mentally unstable are normally those that do the worst and most vulgar talking. The more ill they are the more they filthy their tongues become. Another reason is because they dont do anything in their lives. They dont live and if you surround yourself with them, they are liable to make you sick. Anyone even if the home front that continually puts you down, backstabs, exaggerates or makes up stories is not worth being around. Look at the person doing the talking, and you will see exactly how well they are. Business will not deal with this types of people, because they would be likely to distroy any business that is trying to get off the ground or continue working with the public. If you find that you are around these types of people, change you path, even if it means finding another location. These people dont change but can affect anyone that is around them. They have many problems and will try and hide them by being judgemental. This is why they talk the way they do.

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Q: Why do people backstab other people?
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