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If a man has a yellow stain in the front of his underwear, it typically means he has urinated on himself. However, it also could be a sign that he was aroused.

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no it is not. that's pretty disgusting.

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Q: Why do men have yellow stain in front of there underwear?
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Is it common for men to have semen stain in underwear?

If a man puts on underwear after recently ejaculating, then it is likely that such a stain will be left. If a man ejaculates while actually wearing underwear, this will also leave a stain.

What does it mean when men have stain on underwear?

Nothing except they need washed

What is the white stains in your husbands underwear?

No. Men can have white stains or yellow stains on the front of their shorts. Some men can get easily aroused (for example: seeing a stripper) and perhaps have semen stains, but it doesn't mean he cheated. Usually the yellow stains are from urine or discharge. Marcy

Why do men have stains in their shorts or underwear and women don't?

Cuz when we get turned on, a little stuff comes out of our penis. The only way for women to stain their underwear is if they crap or pee in it. That is usually unlikely too

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