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The difference is mens have the absorbant padding toward the front, while the womans has the padding more centered

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Q: What is the difference between Depend Underwear for men and Depend underwear for women?
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What is a depend underwear?

Depend underwear is a type of adult diaper that is worn by people suffering from a weak bladder and who have urine leaks. It is a must have for those with urinary incontinence.

Which is product is better as an adult diaper- TENA or Depend underwear?

Depend underwear has some issues like leakage but both products care excellent. They do not cause any leakage or have any odour issue. They have been tested and have excellent absorption capability.

What are depend underwear?

Depend underwear are basically specially designed diapers. These can be directly worn like an underwear. These are more useful among elderly people who have challenges of limited mobility and would not want to change them frequently. Products like these are very long lasting and made of special materials to give extra dry feeling all day. Whether at home or during travel, these keep them fresh all the time.

Can you recommend some good adult diaper products?

You could try out a depend underwear. They are specifically designed to look and feel like everyday's men underwear. It neutralizes potential odour and has a reinforced front zone for long lasting absorbency.

What are some good underwear brands which smells good after long use?

Depend underwear causes odour as it does not completely soak the urine. So you should instead get a better brand that can dry up the urine completely. Try out Always, Simplicity or TENA. They have good products.

Is it disrespectful for a man to sit around the house wearing just his underwear?

It would depend on who else is involved. If he's alone, he might be overdressed.

Why do men have to wear underwear?

There is no law that says they do. It is a matter of comfort-- many men 'go commando'. Some have a greater need for support of the genitals, and even this may depend on the activities they engage inBacteria comes out when you fart and you might drip urine after you peed so unless you want to change jeans every day, wear underwear. It's the clean way.

What does it mean to dream of a red bra?

This dream could have multiple meanings depending on the setting, context and other details. It would have very different meanings if the dreamer were female than if the dreamer were male. Moreover, it would depend if the dream involved being caught in public wearing only underwear or whether it involved trying on pretty underwear in a private place.

What are incontinence products made of?

Incontinence products are made up of special fabric which consists high absorption tissues. This helps giving dry and odor free periods for long time. These are even breathable to avoid sweating make wearing comfortable. Some products known as depend underwear, are available in standard sizes and are designed like regular underwear, to fit comfortably the anatomy of men and women.

Are there any special incontinence pads designed for men?

Yes there are such diapers. Specially designed like men's underwear, to fit the anatomy. Good for daily use, these pads are made up of special tissues which keep odor free for long periods. Moreover it is absolutely breathable to avoid sweating. Also there are some standard sizes which fits most men. Functionally this is as good as popular 'depend underwear'.

What is the difference between 2 characteristic?

The answer will depend on what two characteristics!

Which diapers are good for elderly men?

There are diapers available in the market designed like men's underwear, to fit the anatomy. It is good for daily use and since it is made up of special high absorbent materials they also give long odor free periods. Moreover it is absolutely breathable to avoid sweating. Check online for more details. There are some standard sizes which fits most men. Functionally this is as good as popular 'depend underwear'.

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