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look guys get nervous and trust me I've been there

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The guys r probably checking u out. like they r looking to see if they can see sexy/ private areas. for example a girl's butt or boobs.

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Q: Why do guys look at girls from toes to there eyes?
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Can you tellaboy from a girl by their feet?

Guys have wider feet and toes and girls have narrow heals

What do people look like?

People have 2 eyes, a nose, a mouth, ears, arms, legs, hands, feet, fingers, toes, and girls and boys have diffrent parts.

Do girls like guys putting there toes inside them?

Depending on the female and her desires! Whatever floats your boat!

Do guys care what girls feet look like?

Yes because if they are gross they don't want to touch them ...and when u r having sex he won't want to suck and lick your toes

Why did he look at your toes and then in to your eyes?

He was probably trying to think of the right thing to say.

Why do girls put nail polish on their toes?

because they want to look pretty

What does the Asian panda look like?

They have black arms, and chest, fat, black toes, black spot around both eyes, and squinted eyes.

What do guys find sexy about girls?

Pretty much everything. From her head to her toes. Though the most sexually arousing parts are her butt and her breasts. Though most guys will agree a pretty face is the most important part.

Why do guys like looking at Girls toes?

From personal experience, my BestFriend loves looking at my toes. I often get shy & start to blush, but usually they find it facisinating cause most likely you'll have "little feet" i actually love it when they stare at my toes. I am now nicknamed "little feet" haha.