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they're speaking for their vagina.

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Q: Why do girls scream when they see a cute guy?
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See if he's cute.?

see if the guy is cute and get married

What do you do when you see a cute guy?

Get a boner.

Why do girls scream when they see a bee?

it scared them or mabe there alergic

What do you see in a guy?

i look for a guy to be cute some one i can talk to i can joke around with someone who is nice and cares for me and dosent cheet i never cheet on girls. i be nice to them in school

Girlfriend stops calling you as much?

She's testing you to see how much you care. So call her cuz girls think that is really cute to have the guy call her.

Why are pepole gay?

Because they just have an opinion some guys find girls hot but a different guy could see the boys smile and thinks he is cute. Or a girl could find a guy hot but a different girl could see the girls eyes and like her. There not sick or bad they just have an opinion. PS Im not gay

What is the name of the orange guy on this site?

The orange guy is affectionately known as the Orange Guy... cute, huh? (See Related question below.)

What do guys think of girls that play volleyball in high school?

They enjoy it because they can see cute girls in short shorts!

How do you not make your face turn red around girls?

Turning red around girls is a natural reaction. Some girls see it as awfully cute.

Does a girl get attracted on a boy in a first sight as boys?

If you are talking about "Love at first sight" then sometimes. It varies on the girl. Some girls will see a boy, think hes cute or hot, and then proceed to talk to him and get to know him. Others will see a guy and immediately have a crush on him. But as girls get older, their methods change. For preteens, this is the best bet.

What does it mean when you see a guy who hangs out with just girls?

Probably gay.

Is it gross to see two girls and a guy make out together?

It is strange but no