Girlfriend stops calling you as much?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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She's testing you to see how much you care. So call her cuz girls think that is really cute to have the guy call her.

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Q: Girlfriend stops calling you as much?
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Your girlfriend stops calling you but you did alot of damage to her but she tellss me she luv me and we still have sex. but she dont call has much anymore im confused.?

leave her be , she is in a bigger mess then you, let her get on with her life WITHOUT YOU.

Girlfriend is not calling you?

Try calling her, take a chance.

If your boyfriend stops calling you as much as he used to should you break up?

No you shouldn't break up just because he stops calling you as much as he did... I think you should ask him if you did something wrong or if there was anything wrong like one of his family members died stuff like that & if it was you... You should say that I will work on that (Whatever it is)...

What do you do if your girlfriend stops loving you?

move on

You are nervous about calling your girlfriend?

Why, did you do something?

Girlfriend stops calling you has much befoe she used to call me and all her breaks.. Now her execuse is she runs out things to say to each other..I ask her are you talking to someone else she says no.?

i will say with time maybe she ``lost`` some love ...but she still love you ... its like an habit ...

What would you do if he stops calling and then calls out of the blue?


Why is he calling you when he has a girlfriend?

because he likes you more if he calls you and still has a girlfriend. (from a guys point of view)!

What does it mean when a woman suddenly stops calling you?

She is not that interested in you any more.

What can you do if your girlfriend is not calling you?

investigate more by asking her friends or call her.

Calling your girlfriend?

Call ypu girlfreind sexy beautful

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