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She is not that interested in you any more.

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Q: What does it mean when a woman suddenly stops calling you?
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What does cardiac arrest mean?

It is when the heart suddenly stops functioning.

What does it mean when a girl just stops calling you?

It means she wants to break up with you

What does it mean when your boyfriend suddenly stops texting you?

His phones dead, he lost his phone, or he's mad at you.

What does a hoe mean when ur calling a woman that?

When you call a woman a hoe it means she is a prostitute.

What does it mean when he stops calling when he says he's going to and stops showing up when he says he's going to?

I am sorry :[ but it either means he is upset with you, or wants to break up with you.

What does it mean when a guy shows lot of interest in you before and suddenly stops doing that?

he probably has something on his mind.either he wants to breakup or plannng to propose to you.

What does it mean when a boy used to talk to you everyday then suddenly stops and then out of the blue asks you to the movies?

he likes you and finally worked up the courage to ask you out

What does cardiac mean?

Cardiac is a medical term to refer to the heart.

What does it mean if a boy is a close friend then suddenly he is shy around you?

He is growing up and now noticing you as a woman (as well as a friend).

What does it mean when someone calls a woman a goddess?

If the woman is a mere mortal, calling her a goddess would usually bring down the envy and wrath of the gods upon her.

What does an Older man calling older woman cute mean?

it simply means he is tired of his wife and he wants some younger loving. he is also trying to say that he wants someone beautiful, that is why he is calling a younger woman cute. HOPE THIS HELPS.

What does it mean when a guy suddenly stops smiling and saying hi to you as a greeting?

he likes you get it girl yea and if he doesnt he is an idiot.. just kidding it means he thinks ur beautiful