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Because in their eyes first and most important thing is their career, that's why they run behind money , also when they get bore from their first one then they want to change their boyfriend like cloth, what matters in this world for a girl is money nothing else.


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Q: Why do girls leave their boyfriend for another richer boy?
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Will it be difficult to have a bi-sexual boyfriend?

Yes it would I always wonder this. I've known some people with bi-sexual boyfriends or girlfriends and they always say it's weird to, for example, be a girl and know your boyfriend also likes other boys, and they the girl worries that their boyfriend will leave them for another boy. But I wonder if this is not the same as a relationship with straight boyfriend. Obviously your boyfriend is attracted to other girls, not just you. So why is the fear that he might leave you for another girl not as strong as the fear that he'll leave for another boy? That's something that's always puzzled me.

Can girls leave their boyfriend if she know that he is a bed boy or crimnal?

They can but they should be careful with how they do it

Is it wrong to leave your boyfriend and go out with another?


Is she really going to leave him?

You can tell if she is really destined to leave him if she moves on by opting for another boyfriend.

Your boyfriend keeps flirting with different girls and has been violent with you what should you do?

Fight back, press charges and leave.

Why would a boyfriend leave you for another girl then cheat on her with you?

I don't know. Talk to a therapist.

Is it wrong that your boyfriend will leave you if you are pregnant with another mans child?

It depends on if she conceived the child before or after she paired up with the boyfriend and if the boyfriend was aware of the girl being pregnant at the time.

If you leave your narcissist boyfriend for another man will he leave you alone?

Possibly, however men can be jerks and who knows, if you don't want to be with him, leave him and just try to forget he ever existed.

What should you do if your boyfriend has another girl and he keep lying?

Why is he still your boyfriend? If you don't like what he is doing, leave him. Life is too short to put up with nonsense.

What do if your boyfriend calls you another girls name and talks about other girls while you two are having sex My boyfriend has done this 9 times in the past 6 months.?

It means you should leave him. Or he likes/cheats on you with someone else, unfortunately. Unless he called you a unisex name, like 'Danny, or Tony.' That could be one of his friends. Bottom line: Not a very good situation, and you should find the quickest way out.

When your boyfriend threatens to leave you?

you should leave him if your boyfriend threatens you in anyway your to good for him so ditch him NOW

What is the purpose of the little girl that bangs on the hood of the cop car in legion?

She was told her boyfriend wanted to leave her for another girl