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Both girls and guys find certain eyes attractive, depending on their taste, and some do not.

The attraction can be from shape and form or colour of the eye or from memory, like the eye being similar to a certain person that is important to them.

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Some may be. A lot of girls seem to be surprised to realize that guys have eyelashes; in high school plays the girls doing makeup for the guys would complain that some of the guys had longer and fuller eyelashes than they did.

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Q: Why do girls find guys' eyes attractive?
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Why do girls find guys attractive?

girls find guys attractive because it is someone to hold and cuddle gives girls what they want. :)

What do girls find the most attractive?

Girls find long, clean hair attractive. They also think strength and fitness is attractive. They also like guys that smile and have nice eyes and ARE nice. Hope this Helps!

Do guys find beautiful lips attractive in girls?

some guys

Do guys find girls with curly brown hair and hazel eyes attractive?

Natural selection proves that males find them attractive. Otherwise this genetic mutation would have died out years ago, and yet there are many girls with brown hair and hazel eyes. If males didn't find them attractive they would not procreate with them and pass on the gene. :)

Do white guys find black girls attractive?

They did in the 30s...

Why do guys find girls making out attractive?

It is because guys dont see it everyday.

Why do guys find girls bodies more attractive than their personalities?

Hormones :)

What traits do guys find attractive from girls?

Though I am a girl i can say that different guys find different traits in girls attractive. please do not try to change for anyone because there is definitely a guy who loves the traits you have somewhere out there.

Do girls Find guys attricitive that has a chin dimple?

There are many girls that would find a guy with a chin dimple attractive.

Do girls find guys attractive that have shape ups?

I guess not really attractive. Or what kind of shape ups do you mean?

Do guys find small eyes a full lips attractive Because i have those features?

Not all guys like the same thing in a girl. Many would find small eyes and full lips attractive but some would not.

If your 12 and have curly brown hair and big brown eyes would that be attractive to guys?

It would depend on the guy really. Some guys would find you more attractive than others. Not all guys like brown haired girls. Some like blondes and red-heads or darker haired girls. Its just a matter of finding guys who like brunettes